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With the use of an airbrush I can conjure on your motorcycle, helmet or car – everything. Without limitations. Everyday work gives me a lot of satisfaction, I am proud that I work in a place where I can make the dreams of other people come true.

Jacek Garbacz, company owner.

Airbrushing is a form of art which allows you to create portraits, graphics on any surface according to a vision and concept of the Customer. We use the “free hand” technique, without any templates. We create unique and one of a kind photorealism. We work with paint from the best global companies, as well as liquid metal, which allows us to achieve special effects, e.g., crackle.

Artistic airbrushing, among others, of:
- motorcycles, helmets;
- bicycles, scooters;
- cars.

A passion for motorcycles and cars means that I get personally involved in each project, as if it were the only and unique one. Airbrushing is my hobby which has become my work. For many years I have been learning this craft by broadening my own skills, among others, from one of the best photorealism artists in the world – Dru Blair and in the Blair School of Art in the UK.


  • A WORK OF ART – Airbrushing gives unlimited possibilities of creating photorealistic portraits on cars, helmets and motorcycles. The "free hand" technique that I use allows me to create original and one of a kind graphics.

  • EXPERIENCE – I have an excellent airbrush technique, as its aspects can be learnt after many years of experience. My professionalism is based on specialist knowledge and artistic skills confirmed by many courses.

  • PASSION – Creating art requires not only passion, but most of all tiresome work, owing to which the graphic, portrait or lettering is unique. I always create the projects by hand, develop each element in detail following the concept and vision of the Customer.

  • PROFESSIONALISM – I use only high-quality products such as: primer, paint. Thanks to this the painted graphic is extremely durable and has a realistic look.

Airbrushing is only limited by your imagination. Create your dream graphic, wherever you want!

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