Rims and Breake Callipers

A professional renovation of rims will change the look of your car!

We carry out renovations of steel and aluminium rims, by effectively removing corrosion and painting them in a chosen colour. We own specialist devices that allow us to paint the rims and brake callipers using a modern method. We paint rims in the following finishes: gloss, matte, as well as a combination of two colours. We also offer brake calliper painting in any colour using special paint resistant to high temperatures.


  • SAND-BLAST CLEANING – The first phase of the rim renovation process is sand-blast cleaning. Effective removal of rust and remnants of the old paint allows us to achieve a smooth surface. Thanks to this it is possible to precisely apply a durable powder coat finish.
  • PAINTING – The next phase consists of applying the paint. In order to achieve the effect of a homogeneous paint layer, each rim is coated with multiple layers. The proper preparation of the rim surface and applying a layer of primer ensure effective protection against corrosion.
  • BRAKE CALLIPER PAINTING – In line with the latest trends we also offer brake calliper painting. Choosing the appropriate colour will bring out the effect of the renovation and the car will gain a modern look.

Renovating the rims with a new colour of the brake callipers will change the look of your car!


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