Whilst you may set out with every intention of maintaining your car service opction We currently offer four comprehensive detailing treatment options for prestige and performance cars, all of which are fully summarised below. To book in for a detail please get in touch using our enquiry form or the e-mail address shown above, providing us with a brief description of your car (year, make, model, colour) and confirming which service option you're interested in. If you're not sure which treatment would best suit your needs please don't hesitate to ask us for advice - we're always happy to help.roperly, the reality is that your career, family commitments and leisure pursuits may not leave you sufficient time to do so.

We can help. We offer a range of professional detailing services designed to meet the needs of discerning individuals throughout the London who require assistance with everything from routine cleaning and waxing to full machine polishing and beyond.This detail is designed to thoroughly clean and protect all exterior and interior surfaces, and is recommended as a bi-annual treatment for vehicles used on a daily basis. This detail is designed to correct major paint defects and maximise the visual appeal of bodywork, and is recommended for poorly maintained vehicles of all ages that have acquired heavy swirl marks and light scratches over time. It builds upon the full procedure outlined above for the Protection Detail by adding in a multi stage machine polishing process, which removes a small percentage of the uppermost layer of paint on the car and reveals a fresh layer of unblemished paint beneath.

We can usually guarantee correction of 99% of paint defects present, although total paint thickness and defect severity are sometimes limiting factors. By restoring the condition of the bodywork to near perfect condition, the high cost of this detail is usually largely offset by the positive effect on the residual value of the vehicle in question. The entire procedure typically takes between 24-40 hours (depending on the size of the vehicle being treated) necessitating that the work is spread over three to five full days, although large estate cars and 4x4 vehicles may have to remain with us for an extra day in some cases. We then apply either a high quality sealant or NANO CERAMIC FORMULA HARD H9 or wax to the freshly polished bodywork, and complete the exterior detail by sealing the rims and glass, dressing the tyres, trims and engine bay, and polishing the exhaust tips. Finally, we tackle the interior, by cleaning the trims, vacuuming the fabrics and conditioning any leather present.

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