Nano Ceramic Paint Protection

Protect the window according to your needs!
High-quality window films, made of resistant and durable materials, will allow you to achieve a chosen effect. We offer various types of window films intended for different uses.


  • SUN-PROTECTIVE – The use of sun-protective film allows you to reduce UV rays by 99%. This type of film ensures a comfortable room temperature by eliminating the effect of heating up. Additionally, it effectively reduces glare on monitors and screens creating more effective working conditions in an office.

  • HEAT-INSULATING – This type of film has a double function: in the summer it reduces the effects of the sun’s rays, effectively reduces the room temperature. In the winter, on the other hand, it prevents the loss of heat, which allows you to reduce energy consumption and the costs of heating.

  • DECORATIVE – We offer a vast array of designs of decorative films: floral ornaments, geometric figures, 3D images, as well as graphics created based on the Customer’s concept. These types of film allow you to create an original and modern decor for each interior.

  • PROTECTIVE – The use of protective films allows you to effectively protect the window pane against scattering in the event of a break-in or acts of vandalism. We offer films in various thicknesses which have safety certificates. They obstruct breaking the window pane, as well as prevent the scattering of pieces of glass, which may cause injuries.


Protect your windows and benefit from the comfort of modern film!

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