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Tinted car windows block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays!
Automotive films effectively protect the health of passengers, the upholstery from fading, and at the same time give the car an elegant and modern look. We have years of experience in installing films in cars of various brands without disassembling the windows. We work with materials from trusted brands as we tint professionally!

We offer automotive films in:
- various levels of tinting,
- several hundred colours,
- metallic shades from renowned brands: Llumar, SUNGARD,GLOBAL.


  • COOL IN THE SUMMER, WARM IN THE WINTER – The films installed on windows allow you to maintain a steady temperature in the car. In the summer they effectively reduce the heat and in the winter retain it inside the vehicle.

  • SAFETY FIRST – The film not only reduces harmful UV rays but also effectively protects the window against breaking into small elements. At a time of danger, during a car accident the window does not shatter into glass particles.

  • PROTECTS THE INTERIOR AGAINST FADING – The film, by blocking the UV rays, effectively eliminates the risk of the upholstery cracking or fading as a result of sun exposure.

  • DRIVING COMFORT – The car looks elegant and modern with tinted windows. Glare is effectively eliminated, which has a great influence on the driving quality. The sun does not hurt the eyes, which are less prone to fatigue.

Tinted windows guarantee the safety of passengers and driving comfort.

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